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GOTS Conducts Annual Workshops in ESMOD, Berlin

Zuletzt aktualisiert: Dienstag, 23. Mai 2017 22:54

In July 2015 GOTS Marketing Director Ms. Claudia Kersten conducted the annual GOTS workshop for the students of the course “M.A. Sustainability in Fashion”, ESMOD University, Berlin, Germany together with GOTS Deputy Technical Director Mr. Sumit Gupta.

The topics discussed included sustainable fibres like organic cotton, organic wool, recycled polyester etc and the eco-friendly processing techniques. Ms. Kersten also spoke about enhanced focus of international brands for organic textiles and the business case for sustainability. Mr. Gupta briefly spoke about some technical aspects with respect to GOTS standard.

In the interactive set up, students asked various questions and raised their points related to sustainability, GOTS, and also learned how they can progress in own respective projects in line with the global sustainability trends.

The workshop was organized by Rolf Heimann, ESMOD University.