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July 2012

GOTS appoints Marketing Director global-standard.org
Shirley Han appointed GOTS representative in China  
GOTS at Interiorlifestyle in Tokyo  
GOTS sponsorship goes to Susanne Rützou  
Australian textile artist achieves GOTS certification  
Harmonized Scope and Transaction Certificates  
GOTS moves the political agenda in Europe  
Spotlight on NPEs  


claudia kersten-de

GOTS appoints Marketing Director

In order to further enhance GOTS‘ marketing power, the GOTS International Working Group (IWG) has appointed Ms Claudia Kersten Marketing Director as of 1 July 2012. Claudia studied business administration at Koblenz/Germany based Public and Business Administration Academy,  and Sustainability Management (MBA) at Leuphana University in Lüneburg, Germany. In her Master thesis, she examines the relationship between sustainability standards and sustainable competitive strategies and demonstrates how standards contribute to a successful business. Claudia has been involved in the field of sustainable textiles, focusing on organic, since 2005. Among other activities, she worked as a consultant and has been editor of the b2b sustainable textiles magazine “natürlich natur”. Until recently, she served as board member responsible for marketing with IVN, the Germany based member organization of the GOTS International Working Group.

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Shirley Han appointed GOTS representative in China

Shirley owns a master degree in Communications & International Tourism from the University of Lugano, Switzerland, and a bachelor degree in Economics from the University of British Columbia, Canada.
Before joining GOTS, Shirley worked with H&K Strategies China as CSR Specialist and for the UN Global Compact Network China as Vice Director of the Public Relations Department. Having worked closely with Chinese companies and multinational subsidiaries, Shirley has vast experience in strategic planning, coordination and execution of CSR projects for businesses. In continuously advocating Global Compact’s Ten Principles and promoting transparency in labor standards, environmental impacts, anti-corruption and human rights, she interacted with local business leaders and also pushed for engagements in topics related to food safety, water mandate, and children’s rights.

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Shirley han

GOTS at Interior Lifestyle Tokyo

As one of 652 exhibitors JOCA (Japan Organic Cotton Association) presented the GOTS in The “Ethical Zone” of the fair. It was a premier to show the benefits of organic cotton and the GOTS program to a wide range of conventional marked participants in Japan. “The responses were really beyond our expectation and we have felt that presentation of organic textile and GOTS to outside of organic community is very important to expand GOTS in Japan” resumed JOCA Director Kazuhiko Mori. “All textile industries, retails, brands and media are very interested in ‘Organic’, ‘Sustainable’ and ‘Ethical’, and want to know about these meanings” he continued. Most of the visitors are familiar with the term organic cotton but there is a big need for information for the next logic step – the processing according to GOTS.


GOTS sponsorship goes to Susanne Rützou

At the Copenhagen Fashion Summit on 3rd of May, the Danish designer Susanne Rützou just swept the judges away and won the Nordic Sustainable Fashion Prize of the year.

GOTS delivered the sponsorship of the winning certification prize and Susanne Rützou is now invited in close collaboration with GOTS-Scandinavia to show how GOTS-certified apparels move to high-fashion.


Australian textile Artist achieves GOTS certification

Turkish born artist Zuhal Kuvan-Mills is the first Australian Artist to be making Certified Organic Textile Art and is certified by NASAA (National Association Sustainable Agriculture, Australia) and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)
Kuvan-Mills is inspired by Australian sustainable, organic agriculture and has dedicated her artistic practice to reflecting her thoughts about the environment and conservation.

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Harmonized Scope and Transaction Certificates

In a joint initiative, the International Working Group on Global Organic Textile Standard (IWG) and Textile Exchange (TE) have developed harmonised policies and templates for transaction and scope certificates.
After a transition period the new templates – that provide a unified layout, format and text for both certificate types used by the different certifiers and standards - will need to be used by the GOTS / TE approved certifiers for any scope and transaction certificates issued after 1st September 2012.
The harmonised certification documents will help all users, especially commercial buyers, to easily compare, handle and verify information provided with scope and transaction certificates issued to GOTS and any Textile Exchange standard. The development was especially welcomed by brands and retailers who purchase certified goods from various suppliers, issued by different certifiers and to different standards.
The harmonised new templates together with policies for their issuing are posted on the GOTS website.

TC Muster
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GOTS on Europe's political agenda

Upon invitation to the Copenhagen Fashion Summit conference in May organized by the Scandinavian fashion industry’s social and environmental initiative NICE, GOTS investigated government policy options for a sustainable fashion industry together with other stakeholder organizations and high ranking  EU officials. In accordance with GOTS’ general policy, the GOTS representatives maintained that “a voluntary global standard, set in partnership with international stakeholder communities, ensures widespread global acceptance; in contrast to mere national standards, it also helps to remove barriers to international trade.” (see GOTS Mission Statement).

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Spotlight on NPEs

The findings of the investigations launched by Greenpeace in theirtheir Dirty Laundry reports, as part of the current Detox campaign, demonstrate the urgent need to eliminate the use of hazardous chemical inputs in the manufacturing of textiles such as Nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs).The Global Organic Textile Standard and our quality assurance system ensures that all prohibited substances (including NPEs) are excluded from the GOTS certified supply chain through a combination of complementary control measures.

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