[GOTS News Special] Scientific support: Study Ecolabels in India and Norway

Dear all,

please find attached an interesting paper about the dualism of  eco-labels environmental standards with a focus on ISO 14025 Type I labels - Norway and India including Consumer Polls.

It was presented at European Roundtable for Sustainable Consumption and Production in Istanbul last week.

In the conclusion of the study you find clear statements for GOTS against own national standards:  "...critical and urgent for Indian T&C firms to adopt foreign environmental standards in order to have increased market access and to penetrate in a given market say European market" and "that there is a positive relationship between eco-compliance and export volume. If Indian T&C firms adopt foreign environmental standards, then their export volume to Europe increases."

We can take this scientific support as convincing argument for our work in business development and marketing. Please feel free to spread the study across your network.

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