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May 2016

GOTS 2015 Annual Report Released  
GOTS Revision 5.0  
Licensing and Labelling Guide: New Release  
GOTS Permits GOTS Logo Use for GOTS Additives  
GOTS Succeeds in Activities Against Label Misuse  
Security Advice Adverts  
Next WHY GOTS Factsheet? GOTS Meets Legal Requirements and Demands of NGO’s  
Job Vacancy: GOTS Representative USA/Canada  
Soil Association Report: UK Organic Textile Sales Up 16% Year on Year  
GOTS and Textile Exchange Sign a Cooperation Agreement  
Preferred Fiber and Materials (PFM) Benchmark Program of Textile Exchange  
GOTS on the Move  


GOTS AR2015Public title

GOTS 2015 Annual Report Released

Growth continues - more than 1.000.000 people work in GOTS certified facilities worldwide.

Take a moment to read the GOTS Annual Report 2015 documenting the development, implementation, verification, and promotion of GOTS in 2015.

To download the full public annual report click here


GOTS Revision 5.0

The revision process of GOTS Version 4.0 has commenced.

Announced at the Certifiers Council meeting in February 2016, a first revision draft for GOTS Version 5.0 has now been released to stakeholders for their inputs and comments, beginning in April 2016. 23 External Stakeholders, 18 Approved Certifiers and 4 constituent organisations are requested to submit their contributions to the GOTS Technical Committee through a revision blog. 
GOTS has invited a wide range of stakeholder inputs on all aspects of the standard to make it more cohesive, inclusive and up-to-date. A list of the selected stakeholders is available on the GOTS website here.
Other parties interested in contributing have been requested to channel their comments through one of the participating organisations (Advisory Council members, certifier or invited stakeholder).
Inputs will be accepted until June 6, 2016 with an extended period until June 21, 2016 for providing comments on received contributions. The GOTS Technical Committee, coordinated by Director Standards Development & Quality Assurance, Rahul Bhajekar, will assess all contributions and comments, and will consult further (external) experts if needed.
A second revision draft for final comments to the observations provided by the Technical Committee is expected to be released on the Revision Blog in September 2016. Read more on the revision process here.

gots logo cmyk.pfad revision5
GOTS LLG 1 Mar 2016 low

Licensing and Labelling Guide: New Release

With the increased recognition and value of our logo and certification programme GOTS also faces an increase in trademark violations and false references to GOTS certification. GOTS offers a Licensing and Labelling Guide as a tool to avoid illegitimate labelling. An update of this tool was necessary to face current misuse of the GOTS label and to provide a clear guideline for companies on how to label GOTS products in a lawful and correct manner. In March 2016, the latest Licensing and Labelling Guide was published. One major change is the new GOTS Logo Release Procedure: Certified entities, traders, brand holders and retailers who intend to get products labelled in accordance with GOTS and/or to sell labelled products (with the GOTS logo) need to contact their responsible GOTS certifier to receive the applicable logo files and for final approval of their labelling application.  The approval of the intended logo use is managed using the new Labelling Release Form.

Download the full document here.


GOTS Permits GOTS Logo Use for GOTS Additives

The new Licensing and Labelling Guide released on 1st March 2016 now permits the limited, voluntary use of the GOTS logo for additives (chemicals and accessories) that have been approved by a GOTS accredited certifier. The logo use must comply with the specific labelling conditions detailed in the Guide and is subject to clearance by the responsible certifier by use of the Label Release Form GOTS Additives.
Typically, producers or suppliers of GOTS Additives can voluntarily choose to use the GOTS logo. The logo use is subject to payment of an Additives License Fee and is strictly limited to off-product publicity detailed in the GOTS Licensing and Labelling Guide.
This enables GOTS certified manufacturers to have a clear understanding on which additives can be used in their manufacturing processes and gives them the opportunity to use the highly recognisable GOTS logo for information and advertising.

lab analysis

GOTS Succeeds in Activities Against Label Misuse

GOTS is increasingly taking action against label misuse and wrong organic claims in the Apparel sector to preserve the reputation and credibility of the standard and to protect all rightfully certified companies who produce according to GOTS. We are pleased to inform you that GOTS won a Civil Action against mattress companies in the U.S.A.  The civil suit was promptly resolved with a permanent injunction prohibiting unauthorized uses of the GOTS certification trademark based on the USDA’s policy on labelling organic textile products.

Read the full press release here.

How to label correctly? To avoid false labelling and misconception our Licensing and Labelling Guide is available for download here.


Security Advice Adverts

Not all violations of the GOTS Licensing and Labelling conditions are intentional. Some are just caused by lack of knowledge. In addition consumers need to be informed how a correct GOTS label must look like. For this purpose we designed two news adverts with Security Advices for retailers and consumers. The ads are offered as "Free-ads" for magazines and newspapers that have free space and want to support GOTS.
Different formats in English and German for a start are available for download here.

105x148 GOTS SecAdvise Consumers engl

Next WHY GOTS Factsheet? Why GOTS Meets Legal Requirements and Demands of NGO’s

Countries around the world have various laws, regulations and guidance regarding how textiles are processed so as to protect workers and the environment, while NGO’s have also made demands.

In the new factsheet we outline five leading policies, and describe how certification to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) helps ensure compliance with the related legal / voluntary requirements.

GOTS prohibits the use of all chemicals that don’t meet stringent criteria for toxicity and / or those which are harmful to humans and environment; regulates the treatment of any wastewater, and eliminates the use of harmful processing techniques that can cause adverse effects on workers’ health & safety, while ensuring compliance through a strict independent inspection and certification system.

Certification to GOTS is the most efficient and cost-effective way to meeting all these requirements and demands.

All GOTS Factsheets are available for download here.

WhyGOTS Compliance Legal NGO
North America

Job Vacancy: GOTS Is Looking for a Representative in USA/Canada

Sandra Marquardt, GOTS Representative in USA/Canada, is resigning as of May 31, 2016 to set focus on her www.OntheMarkPR.com business, providing public relations, research, and organic and sustainable textile policy consulting. Thus, we are looking for a representative for USA/Canada to promote GOTS to leading brands, manufacturers, retailers and the public through a relationship-based approach. The overall aim is to achieve maximum use of GOTS by brands and retailers in the USA/Canada.

Read the full job description here.


Soil Association Report: UK Organic Textile Sales Up 16% Year on Year

Organic textile sales in the UK increased by 16% to £21.6 million (€27.5 million) in 2015 compared to overall UK organic market growth of 4.9% to £1.95 billion (€2.5 billion). The latest Soil Association Organic Market Report highlights growth in personal care and home textile products - towels, mattresses - as well as baby and infant clothes. Campaigns like Fashion Revolution and brands are raising awareness of the key issues, fuelling the market. Textile Exchange has reported 67% growth in the global organic cotton market - now worth US$15.7 billion.

SA Organic Market Report

GOTS and Textile Exchange sign a Cooperation Agreement

GOTS and the Textile Exchange have worked together since 2008 to align our respective standards and benefit from each other’s expertise. We are delighted to announce an updated cooperation agreement between our organizations that will further benefit certified organizations and the industry as a whole.

Some of the key areas the agreement covers are:
· Chain of custody and standards development
· Measurement, evaluation, and improvement of standards impacts
· Coordinated efforts to prevent fraud
· Further development of harmonized implementation tools
(similar to the existing certificate templates)
Our mutual cooperation benefits the industry through reductions in administrative burden to the industry and look forward to many more years of success.


Preferred Fiber and Materials (PFM) Benchmark Program from TE

After piloting the program in 2015, Textile Exchange (TE) recently announced the official launch of its 2016 Preferred Fiber And Materials (PFM) Benchmark Program. The program allows brands and retailers with an interest in textile sustainability, whether absolute beginners or sustainability leaders, to confidentially benchmark their performance - both internally and against industry peers. Companies that complete the online survey before 10th May 2016 will be rewarded with receipt of a customized and confidential Company Feedback Report in September.
The PFM Benchmark Program provides a robust structure to help companies systematically measure, manage and integrate a preferred fiber and materials strategy into mainstream business operations, compare progress with the sector, and transparently communicate performance and progress to stakeholders.
TE recently hosted a webinar to introduce the program and support participation. The webinar recording and presentation slides are now available to all and can be accessed here.       

Benchmarking Report with Percentages


Reps in action2015






May 11–12: GOTS Director Standards Development & Quality Assurance, Rahul Bhajekar will attend ISEAL Global Sustainability Standards Conference, Washington DC, USA and speak about GOTS at a panel Showcasing Subscribers in ISEAL’s Community session.

May 25-26: Organic Trade Association Policy Conference in Washington, D.C. GOTS North America Representative Sandra Marquardt will attend.
Contact: .

May 25: JOCA annual meeting and Screening "True Cost" in Tokyo, GOTS Representative Japan Miyoshi will coordinate a workshop after the film.

May 26: Symposium on Ethical Labeling and certification system in Tokyo (https://www.synqa.jp/), GOTS Representative Japan Miyoshi will give a lecture "Labeling and certification for Ethical Textiles"

June 11: Ethical Camp in Hokkaido, GOTS Representative Japan
Miyoshi will give a lecture "Organic Textiles and Organic Life Style"

June 20 - 21: Organic Textile seminar in Tokyo, GOTS Representative Japan
Miyoshi will give a lecture "GOTS certification". GOTS information is available in the showroom.

June 23: Organic Cotton Sales Adviser Course in Tokyo, GOTS Representative Japan
Miyoshi will give a lecture "Labeling and certification"

June 28-30: Ethical Fashion Show Berlin, Germany. GOTS Director Marketing and Finance and Germany/Austria/ Switzerland Representative Claudia Kersten attends a panel on the CSR Day and hosts a booth and gives a lecture on GOTS.

July 13: The Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Committee Workshop on UN Guiding Principles. GOTS Greater China Representative Felicia Shi will attend and speak.
Contact: .

July 30-August 1: Innatex in Wallau  Germany. GOTS Director Marketing and Finance and Germany/Austria/Switzerland Representative Claudia Kersten hosts a booth and shows the GOTS film and Simple Show clip.

August 18–19: GOTS Director Standards Development & Quality Assurance, Rahul Bhajekar has been invited to be a Distinguished Speaker at the Asia Cotton Outlook Summit in partnership with the Vietnam Cotton & Spinning Association – VCOSA and the Vietnam Textile and garment Association (VITAS) being held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  

August 30-September 1: Munich Fabric Start in Munich, Germany. GOTS Director Marketing and Finance and Germany/Austria/Switzerland Representative Claudia Kersten hosts a booth, gives a lecture on GOTS

November 10-12: “Biofach India: Together with India Organic”, India; Organized by Messe Nuremberg. Representative India and Bangladesh, Sumit Gupta will be hosting the GOTS Information Booth.