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Post China Seminar 2018 Report

Last Updated: Wednesday, 30 January 2019 17:00

Seminar China 1Seminar China 2

Scale Up GOTS in China - 2018 Seminar was successfully held on 28th September 2018 at National Exhibition and Convention Centre (Shanghai) during Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics – Autumn Edition in Shanghai, China as one of the GOTS series regional round tables held worldwide.

The seminar brought together over 80 guests including keynote speakers and panelists who are the important stakeholders in the area of organic textiles, including: international organizations, international brands and retailers, Chinese organic brands and retailers, traders, leading GOTS certified processors and manufacturers, chemical producers, standard setters, industry associations, media, certification bodies as well as consultancies, shared the business case of GOTS for brands/retailers, and the improved performance to processing and manufacturing mills through GOTS, as well as the latest requirements and market trends to GOTS and its certification, discussed the challenges and possible solutions to communication of organic textiles worldwide and in China.

Despite signal of rising demands from the market, growth of GOTS certified facilities in China is relatively slow compare with other major production countries due to the challenges for example, the brands and retailers are not connected with potential suppliers in terms of efficient sourcing, China's relevant regulation and standard setting on organic labeling, as well as the accessibility to the GOTS approval procedures to chemical inputs. The seminar also openly discussed and tried to find solutions for these challenges.  

The attended brands and retailers included C&A, H&M, Target, Home Depot, Etam Group, John Lewis, BESTSELLER, Klee Klee by ZUCZUG, Lefang, Luüna Naturals, and so on.

Seminar China 3  Seminar China 4

Seminar China 5

In her opening speech, Ms. Claudia Kersten, GOTS Managing Director gave a warm welcome to the speakers and attendees, with thanks to the sponsor Hemp Fortex for the beautiful GOTS certified scarf gift. She introduced the latest development of GOTS from global level, and the increasing recognition of GOTS both from the government and consumer market.

Seminar China 6

After that, seminar moderator, Ms. Felicia Shi, the GOTS Representative for Greater China, gave a presentation in the subject of Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS): the standard evolution, market updates and Labeling Guide. She especially introduced GOTS development and promotion activities globally and in China in the year of 2017, as well as GOTS endeavors in figuring out the controversial issue of GM cotton in organic textiles.

Seminar China 7

The session 1 included 5 keynote speakers.

Mr. Mark Edwards, Divisional Merchandise Manager to C&A, shared their sustainability strategy, the strategy and performance on organic cotton, especially their organic cotton project in China.

Seminar China 8

As an expert in organic farming, Mr. Youting Zhang, Vice Co-founder to Zheng Gu Organic Farming Foundation presented an overview of organic forming in China. This included a detailed introduction about the comparison between conventional and organic farming, the development history of organic farming in China, as well as the market data in the past few years and trend in organic food consumption. 

Seminar China 9

Next, Mr. DING Hongliang, President, Hemp Fortex Industries shared their story about how GOTS certification improves the market competence of Hemp Fortex and makes them an innovative leading vertically integrated company in the niche market.  

Seminar China 10

Miranda Chen, as the co-founder to Langerchen which started from a GOTS certified manufacturer to a company with its own brand, shared her views on how sustainable brands can make a difference to the environmental and social areas of textile industry. In particular, she openly shared many of her insights and lessons learnt out of her 20 years of work experience in this area.

Seminar China 11

Seminar China 12

Mr. Vincent Duret and Ms Alice Zhao, Textile Business Unit Manager for the ECOCERT Certification Centre and ECOCERT Certification China led a speech session that focused on the overview of key issues in organic textiles and its certification at the global level and in China.

Seminar China 13

Session 2 Efficiency through GOTS Criteria and Certification

Peter Wang, the Senior Auditor, Control Union Certification gave a detailed introduction about GOTS requirements and certification procedures as well as chemical compliance.

Seminar China 14

Mr. Eric Sun, the CMO of Kingdom Group shared their experience on how to enhance ecologic and social efficiency through GOTS as the existing global leading producer to linen yarn and is making their endeavors to take a lead in the area of GOTS certified organic linen yarn .

Seminar China 15

Session 3: The rising retail market: Opportunities and challenges of organic textiles consumption in China

The session was moderated by fashion professional Mr. Hans G sustainable, who advises several fashion brands and conferences on sustainable and circular fashion.


  1. Dr. LI Feng, IFOAM Organics International-Asia
  2. WANG Liping, Senior marketing officer, China's pioneer eco brand KLEE KLEE By ZUCZUG
  3. Olivia James, Founder, Luüna Naturals
  4. TIAN Lixin, General Manager, Beijing Lefang Textiles
  5. CHANG Tianle, Founder, Beijing Organic Farmers' Fair

Seminar China 16

Dr. Li shared his insights on China's organic policy and certification.

Seminar China 17

Ms. Liping Wang introduced the story of eco brand Klee Klee.

Seminar China 18

Ms. Olivia James introduced the brand Luüna Naturals shared their inspirations on organic cotton Tampon and their expeiriences of consumer education via social media platforms in China.

Seminar China 19

Mr. Lixin Tian was one of the pioneers of China's organic brands. The brand he founded-Tian Yuan Shi posesses both GOTS and China's GB standard organic certification, which, so far, was belived to be the way of legally labeling GOTS in view of China's relevant regulation on organic labeling.

Seminar China 20

Ms. Tianle is a famous organizer and advocate to organic food farmers and retailers in China. The bazaar she founded called Beijing Organic Farmers Bazaar was China's first organic marketplace and has made great impacts to China's consumer behavior.  

Seminar China 21

Seminar China 22

During the coffee break of the seminar, Ms. Claudia Kersten also received the video interview from Messe Frankfurt - the organiser to Intertextile Shanghai.

GOTS Bangladesh Seminar 2019

Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 January 2019 17:16

GOTS Bangladesh Seminar 2019 (GBDS19) shall be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 8th September 2019. To stay updated, kindly subscribe to GOTS Newsletter (link is at the bottom of the page) and click on confirmation link in the email received after that. Delegate Registration shall begin shortly.

For sponsorship and Speaking opportunities, please contact Sumit Gupta () or Prachi Gupta ().

GOTS Regional Seminar Turkey 2019

Last Updated: Friday, 15 February 2019 13:36

GOTS Regional Seminar Turkey 2019


Through focused and challenging discussions, this one-day seminar shall address pressing issues relevant to the organic textiles industry. It shall equip participants with best practices and know-how relating to the biggest opportunities – and challenges – help to transform their supply chains to achieve efficiency through sustainability.
Along with speakers from the international GOTS team, it will also bring together top business leaders, brands, social and chemical compliance experts and practitioners, certification bodies and manufacturers, offering the exciting opportunity for a thorough exchange of experience and ideas.
We would like you to join us and look forward to welcoming you in Izmir on February 18th 2019.


GOTS Regional Seminar Turkey

Date: Monday, 18 February 2019

Time: 09.30 -17.30

Location: Movenpick Hotel Cumhuriyet Blv. NO:138 35120 Pasaport Izmir/Turkey

Registration Fee: 50 Euro + Tax

Local organizing partner Dalya is authorized by GOTS for collecting the registration forms and payments for the GOTS Regional Seminar Turkey, 2019 and will be providing this service under the confidentiality agreement. Please sign up online before filling the event registration form and proceeding to payment. Registration is required for all seminar participants, sponsors and accompanying persons. Registration and accommodation fees can be paid with credit card or wire transfer. The online registration portal has 3D secure credit card payment system.
Your registration and all payments will be confirmed in writing upon receipt of your online registration form and payment or proof of payment. Please do not forget to send proof of payment to for verification.

Please register here for the Seminar at our local partner Dalya

The 'seminar agenda' can be downloaded here

 The seminar will include 3 different sessions:
The 1st session will be more about GOTS; we would like to share with you what is new and what is coming in GOTS as well as some practical information about the additional fibers and how to use GOTS as consumer facing label.

The 2nd session will be “Voices from Turkish Textile Industry”. You will have opportunity to listen from different parts of industry as like manufacturers, certifiers and brands.

In the 3rd session we invite you for interaction, topics will be shared with you during the event.

'Sponsorship Opportunities' for the seminar can be downloaded here

Questions? Please contact Elif Yaraşık, GOTS Representative in Turkey:


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Scale up GOTS in China 2018 Seminar

Last Updated: Wednesday, 30 January 2019 16:57


The 2018 GOTS seminar in China will be taking place along side with Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics – Autumn Edition. The keynote speakers and participants to this seminar are the important stakeholders in the area of organic textiles, including: authorities, international organizations, brands/retailers, traders, leading processors and manufacturers, chemical producers, standard setters, industry associations, academia, media, sharing the business case of GOTS and the latest policy and market trends to GOTS, discussing the challenges and possible solutions to organic textiles worldwide and in China.

Time: September 28, 2018

Venue: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics – Autumn Edition

Organizers: Messe Frankfurt, Global Organic Textile Standard(GOTS)


Seminar highlights:

  • Be informed of the latest policy updates by speech from organic experts worldwide and in China;
  • Efficient business matching opportunities with the leading GOTS certified fabric suppliers with the launch of the first GOTS pavilion at Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics-Autumn Edition;
  • 15+ brands/retailers attending, with the leading ones who have GOTS certified collections, showcasing the business of organic textiles;
  • Expert auditors from certification bodies to reply to enquiries on site;
  • Leading media in general textiles and organic lifestyle to attend and exposure throughout the event;
  • Organic catering and surprise GOTS certified gift for participants;
  • Open area in the meeting room: partnered organizations can display brochures and packages.

The confirmed brands/retailers: H&M, Target, ETAM Group, John&Lewis, BESTSELLER, ZUCZUG, Le Petit. The confirmed leading fabric suppliers: Esquel, Kingdom Group, Hemp Fortex Industries, Advance Denim


Agenda  (subject to further updates)

9:00-9:20: Registration

9:20-9:30: Welcome address and introduction
Claudia Kersten, GOTS Managing Director

9:30-9:45: Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS): the standard evolution, market updates and Labeling Guide
Felicia Shi, GOTS Greater China Representative

9:45-10:00: Keynote speech: China's progress on sustainable consumption and green procurement in retail
Representative from government

10:00-10:15: Keynote speech: Organic farming: policy and practice worldwide and in China.
ZHOU Zejiang, President, IFOAM Organics International-Asia

10:15-10:30: Keynote speech: How GOTS improves the market competence of a production mill?
President, Hemp Fortex Industries

10:30-11:10: Keynote speech:Organic standard and certification-Worldwide and in China.
Vincent Duret, Textiles Business Unit Manager, ECOCERT Certification Centre ZHAO Fangmei, ECOCERT Certification China

11:10-11:30: Coffee Break, Group Photo

11:30-12:30: Session 1: Efficiency through sustainability in fashion industry - Perspective from brands and retailers

1. H&M
2. International brand/retailer
3. International brand/retailer

12:30-14:00: Lunch & Networking Speech from leading GOTS certified mill

14:00-15:20: Session 2: Efficiency through GOTS Criteria and Certification

1. GOTS requirements and certification procedures& chemical compliance Control Union Certification
2. Economic and ecologic efficiency through GOTS Esquel
3. Efficiency on chemical management, a case study Advance Denim

Q&A from the floor on certification or experience sharing

15:20-16:20: Session 3: Opportunities and challenges of organic textiles consumption in China

Moderator: Hans M. Galliker, social entrepreneur

1. Dr. LI Feng, IFOAM Organics International-Asia
2. H&M
4. Olivia C. James, Luüna Naturals
5. CHANG Tianle, Founder to Beijing Organic Farmers' Fair

16:20-16:30   Closing Remark. Felicia Shi, GOTS Greater China Representative

Post India Seminar 2018 Report

Last Updated: Wednesday, 27 June 2018 20:31

Audience 1 Front view GIS18













“It was my pleasure to participate in the seminar. All stakeholders of the industry were present here. I congratulate GOTS team for the success of GOTS India Seminar 2018”, Prasad Pant, Director - South Asia, ZDHC Foundation.

“It was a very positive gathering and GOTS has done great arrangements at all fronts. I could meet many new friends and I am really happy with the response what I got from the audience at the seminar”, D. Subaashkumaar, Vice President, Anugraha Fashion Mill Pvt Ltd, Tirupur.

“It was a wonderful gathering of Indian and international high level experts. We had concrete examples of investments in social and environmental aspects leading to business efficiency and profitability”, Claudia Kersten, GOTS Managing Director.

“I was very pleased with the response we had from across the supply chain, chemical manufacturers included. The speakers were on-point and the audience interaction was excellent.  It all goes to show that GOTS in India has a sustained, growing future", Rahul Bhajekar, GOTS Managing Director.

“Indian consumers as well as Indian brands are looking for ecological fashion products, but gaps remain for criteria and communication. GOTS has the potential to fill these gaps by providing uniform criteria for sustainable production and communication in all parts of the supply chain”, Sumit Gupta, Seminar Coordinator and GOTS Representative in India & Bangladesh.


Detailed Seminar Report


More than 180 delegates from five countries attended ‘GOTS India Seminar 2018’, organised by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). The seminar was held in Le Meridien Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India on 29th May 2018.

Seminar brought together all important stakeholders under one roof to discuss efficiency through sustainability. The attendees included International Brands & Retailers, Indian Fashion Brands, Textile Manufacturers, Chemical Suppliers, Testing Laboratories, Accreditation Bodies, Academicians, Industry Organisations, Certification Bodies, Standard Bodies, Media, Service Providers, Consultants and other important stakeholders from the field of organic textiles and sustainability.

The theme of the seminar was ‘Sustainability as Key to Business Efficiency’. With time, focus on sustainable development has significantly increased both in India and the world. Actively implementing guidelines for protection of environment and people is seen as the instrument to secure the future and reputation of operations in the long run. India has made immense progress in terms of processing of organic textiles. As per December 2017 data, out of the 5,024 facilities GOTS certified worldwide, the highest, more than 1,650 are in India.


Welcome Address Sumit Gupta GIS18

In his welcome address, Sumit Gupta, Seminar Coordinator and GOTS Representative in India & Bangladesh, introduced the theme and the sessions for the day.

Four sessions of the seminar addressed the various aspects of efficiency in sustainable fashion and textile manufacturing. The sessions included buyers’ perspective, chemical compliance, social responsibility and futuristic certification systems.

Session1 L R Gagan KapoorMadhav LohiaClaudia KerstenBruno Van Sieleghem GIS18


Session 1 - Efficiency through Sustainability in Fashion: Buyers’ Perspective- was moderated by Ms. Claudia Kersten, Managing Director, GOTS, Germany. Ms. Kersten made a short opening presentation and explained how the eco/ social efficiency of a product or service is inversely proportional to its non-sustainable eco/ social impact.

The speakers in session 1 were Mr. Bruno Van Sieleghem, Sustainability & PR Manager, Stanley/Stella, Belgium; Mr. Gagan Kapoor, Global Cotton Supply Chain Responsible, H&M and Mr. Madhav Lohia, Brand Head, SoulSpace.

The Indian brand SoulSpace shared their vision of GOTS certified clothing line for Indian consumers as one of the first movers. International brands H&M and Stanley/Stella reconfirmed their commitment to organic textiles as a part of their strategy to achieve higher levels of sustainability in their respective supply chains.

Session2 L R Sumit GuptaPrasad PantSubaashkumar GIS18

Session 2 - Efficiency through GOTS Criteria and Chemical Compliance- was moderated by Mr. Prasad Pant, Director- South Asia, ZDHC Foundation.

The speakers for this session were Sumit Gupta, GOTS Deputy Director Standards Development & Quality Assurance; D. Subaashkumaar, Vice President, Anugraha Fashion Mill Pvt Ltd and Prasad Pant, ZDHC Foundation.

It was learnt in the session how tools like GOTS & ZDHC concretely contribute to efficiency since they take over the work regarding chemical compliance management. Subaashkumar presented case-study on how investments in environmental compliances have led to increase in savings and therefore led to business efficiency and higher profitability.

Session3 L R RS BalagurunathanMona GuptaBinay ChoudhuryHerbert LadwigNarayansamy GIS18

Session 3- Efficiency through Social Compliance– was moderated by Herbert Ladwig, Policy and Legal Advisor, GOTS, Germany.

The speakers in this session were RS Balagurunathan, Founder, Anandi Enterprises; A Narayansamy, General Manager, Armstrong Spinning Mills; Mona Gupta, Founder Director, Sutradhara and Dr Binay Choudhury, Chairman, CU Inspections and Certifications India Pvt. Ltd.

This was a very interesting session with different perspectives on social compliance, its need, management and verification. While, Mr. Balagurunathan spoke about the inherent social benefits of organic farming. It was also evident that it is relatively difficult to measure efficiency in social sector as the most results are long term. We also need to improve communication about social matters- both with the workers and external stakeholders.

Session4 Panel Shriram AtgurSiva ParitiRahul BhajekarRajesh RamamurthyLars DoemerPankaj Desai GIS18

Session 4 - ‘Being Future Efficient: Evolution of Standard’- was moderated by Rahul Bhajekar, GOTS Managing Director. He made a presentation on the session title and shared the ongoing work in the field of GMO testing and the Central Database Project.

This was followed by a Panel Discussion on the topic, ‘Futuristic Certification Systems for Textile Chemicals’. The panellists were Mr. Lars Doemer, Co-Founder, GoBlu International, Germany; Dr Pankaj Desai, Head- Research & Development, Colourtex; Dr Rajesh Ramamurthy, Head – Product Stewardship Asia, Archroma; Dr Siva Pariti, Global Technical Program Manager, Sustainable Textile Solutions and Mr. Shriram Atgur, Head- Sustainability & Product Stewardship, AEON India.

Several panelists opined that Ecolabels like GOTS add value to product and process for both verification and effective communication. Harmonization of MRSLs as well as Health & Safety of workers at chemical manufacturing facilities was also discussed in the panel. 

Summing Up GOTS team GIS18

On behalf of GOTS team, Mr. Sumit Gupta summed up the proceedings of the seminar. He also proposed formal vote of thanks at the end of the event. He thanked all sponsors, partners, speakers, media and attendees for their respective contributions to the event.


The event was supported by AEON India, Messe Frankfurt (Lead Sponsors); Britacel, Texanlab (Silver Sponsors); Apparel Views, Images Business of Fashion, The RMG Times (Media Partners) and Creativiews (Local Organising Support).

AEON Lead Sponsor

AEON Lead Sponsor

AEON Lead Sponsor

AEON Lead Sponsor

Apparel Views Media GIS18

Apparel Views Media GIS18

Creativiews Local GIS18

Besides wonderful presentations and panel discussion, the day was filled with enthuastic participation from audience via Q&A in each session. Breaks were actively used by attendees for mutual interaction and generating new business connections. 

Arindam Britacel question Session4 GIS18

Arindam Britacel question Session4 GIS18Arindam Britacel question Session4 GIS18

Arindam Britacel question Session4 GIS18

Arindam Britacel question Session4 GIS18Arindam Britacel question Session4 GIS18





High Resolution Photos of the event can be downloaded here.

Thank you to all who made this event successful. - Team GOTS


Arindam Britacel question Session4 GIS18