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Certificate Templates

Last Updated: Thursday, 02 April 2020 10:46

In a joint initiative the Global Standard gGmbH (GOTS) and Textile Exchange (TE) developed harmonised policies and templates for transaction and scope certificates. The templates unify layout, format and text of both certificate types among the different certifiers and standards. This will help all users, especially commercial buyers such as brands and retailers, who purchase certified goods from various suppliers, issued by different certifies and to different standards to easily compare, handle and verify information provided with scope and transaction certificates issued to GOTS and any Textile Exchange standard.

The templates are to be used by the GOTS / TE approved certifiers for any Scope and Transaction certificates issued.

Scope Certificates (SC)

Processors, manufacturers, traders and retailers that have demonstrated their ability to comply with the relevant GOTS criteria in the corresponding certification procedure to an Approved Certifier receive a GOTS scope certificate (= certificate of compliance) that lists the products / product categories which can be offered certified (and labelled) to GOTS and the corresponding production stages. Such companies are considered as GOTS Certified Entities and are listed in the GOTS public data base. Facilities and subcontractors that have been inspected and assessed for a Certified Entity are listed in the annex of a scope certificate. Their names are not disclosed in the public data base.

The following documents have been released in December 2019.

Scope Certificate Policy

Template for Scope Certificates

Transaction Certificates (TC)

Scope Certificates declare that the Certified Entity is able to process the listed products / product categories under GOTS certification but are not a proof that specific shipments from this company are GOTS certified.

In order to assure that a specific shipment of products received by a Certified Entity is GOTS certified the buyer can ask the certified supplier to provide a Transaction Certificate (TC). This certificate is issued by the GOTS certifier of the supplier and lists the concrete products and shipment details including the buyers name and address and declares the GOTS certification status of the shipped goods.

A specific challenge for the practicability of the TC system is that many suppliers generate huge numbers of shipments which may significantly increase the administrative burden and cost if a separate TC is issued for each single shipment. To adequately address this issue, the policy for issuing TCs has been amended by rules and conditions for issuing TCs that cover multiple shipments.

The following documents have been released in December 2019.

Transaction Certificate Policy

Template for Transaction Certificates