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The GOTS logo is an emblem of your commitment to sustainable practises and ethical sourcing. If you are considering selling, labelling, or representing any textile product adorned with the trademark-registered GOTS logo, GOTS labelling, or any reference to GOTS certification, you must ensure that you meet the specific criteria and adhere to the conditions outlined in the Global Organic Textile Standard Programme.

How to label GOTS Goods: Learn about the criteria that must accompany the GOTS logo on your textile products, ensuring authenticity and alignment with GOTS standards.

How to identify GOTS Goods: Discover the significance of GOTS labels as visual indicators of sustainable and ethical practises in textiles.

How to promote GOTS Goods: Find out how to promote your GOTS-certified products and enhance your company’s reputation and credibility, resonating with conscious consumers seeking sustainable choices.

Protection of the GOTS Programme

The GOTS organisation, under the direction of the GOTS Protection Officers , investigate  unauthorised, false or misleading use of the trademark-registered GOTS logo or other claims related to GOTS certification on product declarations, in advertisements, catalogues or other contexts, and takes appropriate action, such as corrective and/or legal action and/or publication of the transgression so as to safeguard the credibility of the GOTS programme and its labelling system.