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How to promote GOTS Goods

If you are a GOTS-certified business offering GOTS-certified goods, here is how you can showcase your commitment to sustainable and organic textiles while adhering to GOTS guidelines.

1. GOTS Signs on Products
(On-Product Labelling)

Make sure your on-product label includes the following:

• GOTS Logo
• Label Grade
• Name of GOTS Approved Certification Body
• License Number

These labelling details must be easily recognisable to buyers, consignees, and end-consumers at the point of purchase. You can sew the label into the product, attach it to the packaging, or make it visible on a hangtag at the point of purchase.

2. Advertising GOTS-certified products

When promoting both GOTS-certified and non-certified products, you shall avoid any confusion among your customers.

  1. Ensure accurate labelling for each GOTS-certified product, encompassing both on-product labelling and promotional materials, whether online or offline, used for product promotion.
  2. It is prohibited to place the GOTS Logo in the header or footer of your website or online store to prevent potential consumer confusion, as they may assume that all products are GOTS certified.
  3. When displaying GOTS signs in print media, on a website, or in an online store, include a clarifying statement. An appropriate example is: "We offer GOTS-certified products, each labelled individually

3. Communicating your company’s GOTS Certification

If your company holds a GOTS  certification, but you do not offer GOTS labelled products yet, you can make reference to the certification status in your promotional materials. However, you need to ensure the inclusion of an additional clarification to avoid confusion:

  • Certification Reference: You can mention your GOTS certification status together with the name of your GOTS Approved Certification Body and your License Number
  • Clarity: Add a note indicating that your GOTS-certified products are labelled separately and provide customers with the information they need to identify these products.

By following these guidelines, you can effectively promote your GOTS-certified products while maintaining transparency and accuracy in your communication. GOTS supports your commitment to sustainable and organic textiles, and proper promotion helps you showcase this dedication to your customers.

For more detailed information and resources, please  refer to Conditions for the Use of GOTS Signs.