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GOTS people

image of the GOTS family
Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is the decision making committee for all relevant structural and political issues related to the Global Organic Textile Standard programme. Its members are nominated by the founding organisations. The Advisory Council meets annually.

Advisory Council

Chris Atkinson

Soil Association Certification Limited

Tom Chapman

Organic Trade Association

Heike Hess

International Association Natural Textile Industry

Tsuyoshi Maeda

Japan Organic Cotton Association
Standards Committee

The GOTS Standards Committee is the advisory body that works with the GOTS Advisory Council. These are experts representing all aspects of the textile value chain appointed by the founding organisations. The Committee is coordinated by the Director of Standards Development and Quality Assurance, Rahul Bhajekar. The Terms of Reference of the Standards Committee are presently under review and this text will be revised accordingly as soon as possible.
The Standards Committee has the following main functions/authorities:

  • Generating revisions of the Standard and the Implementation Manual.
  • Developing the Labelling Guide and supervision of labelling applications.
  • Developing the accreditation system and related qualification and quality assurance requirements for certification bodies.
  • Supervision of accredited certification bodies to ascertain their adherence to, and consistent interpretation of, the GOTS and related stipulations.

Standards Committee

Elizabeth Bennett

Joseph M. Ha Associate Professor of International Affairs and Director of Political Economy, Lewis & Clark College (Portland, OR, US); Fellow, Carr Center for Human Rights, Harvard Kennedy School (Cambridge, MA, US)

Rahul Bhajekar

Managing Director

Sarah Compson

Soil Association, International Development Manager

Jan Furstenborg

Social Expert, Member of GSCP and SAI (SA8000) Boards

Markus Krüger

International Association Natural Textile Industry, Coordinator of IVN Standard Committee

Yoshinobu Noguchi

Japan Organic Cotton Association, Executive Director. J-Stream Co.Ltd., CEO

Scott Rice

OTA, Regulatory Director
Certifiers Council

GOTS approved certification bodies are responsible for the implementation of the GOTS quality assurance system. In this function they use the standard, procedures and tools of the GOTS Programme on a daily basis. Drawing on the broad expertise gathered during this work is vital for GOTS in order to further develop its functioning and practical system in the market.

For the purpose of facilitating this, GOTS established the Certifiers Council in which each approved certification body is represented by a responsible expert. The Certifiers Council has an advisory function with regard to all issues related to the GOTS quality assurance system. The collaboration of all approved GOTS certification bodies in this unique forum is an important prerequisite for a consistent interpretation of the criteria and requirements of the standard. Coordinated by the GOTS Director of Standards and Quality Assurance, the Certifiers Council makes proposals to the Standards Committee.

Certifiers Council

Dr. Mustafa Akyüz


Rahul Bhajekar

Managing Director

Dr. Binay Kumar Choudhury

CU Inspections India

Vincent Duret

Ecocert Greenlife

Jack Ge


Adam Golubowski

Control Union Certifications

Selin Işlakca

Control Union Gozetim ve Belgelendirme

Kirtis Kennard


Amir Khan


Ulrike Kisteneich

Kiwa BCS

Pedro Landa


Carol Liu

Bureau Veritas

Costanza Marri


Inês Mexia de Almeida


Luis Miralles Esteve


Abdul Mottaleb

GSCS International Ltd.

Mahesh Nabadawewa

Clean Globe International

Rui Oliveira


Sara Oliveira


Ed Palairet

Soil Association

Giuseppe Portarapillo


Rajesh Selva

GCL International

Nesrin Serin

USB Certification

Elizabeth Tigan

Oregon Tilth

Jimi Wang

TÜV Rheinland (China)

Angela Zinni

General Staff

In 2008, the four founding organisations set up a legal entity under German law: "Global Standard gemeinnützige GmbH" (Global Standard non-profit limited liability company). Charged with executing the Global Organic Textile Standard programme, this legal entity, conducts all regulatory activities in connection with the implementation of GOTS and its quality assurance, as well as the related labelling system. It is the proprietor of the GOTS label, which is registered as a trademark in relevant production countries and sales markets for organic textile goods.

Managing Directors

Rahul Bhajekar

Managing Director

Claudia Kersten

Managing Director


Petra Roidinger

Assistant Finance & Administration

Jacqueline Schneider

Head of Administration / Executive Assistant


Herbert Ladwig

Policy and Legal Advisor


GOTS has appointed several representatives who operate in a global network to promote GOTS in their respective regions and around the world. To date, regional representatives have been appointed in the major sales markets of the USA/Canada, Germany/Austria/Switzerland, Japan, the United Kingdom and in the most important production countries: China, India, Bangladesh, Turkey and Africa. GOTS also employs representatives with special targets such as the European Union and global fashion brands.

Muktar Dodo

Representative in Africa

Franziska Dormann

Head of Regional Representatives & Representative to Global Brands

Ganesh Kasekar

Representative in South Asia

Fiona Matsumoto

Representative in Japan

Felicia Shi

Representative in APAC

Christopher Stopes

Representative in UK
Representative to the EU (Institutions)

Lori Wyman

Representative in North America

Elif Yaraşık

Representative in Turkey

Juliane Ziegler

Representative in Germany/Austria/Switzerland

Standard Development and Quality Assurance

Jesús Aguirre Chavez

Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist

Roman Alyamkin

Sustainability Reporting Standards Specialist

Ruslan Alyamkin

Responsible, Standard Development and Implementation (Social Responsibility)

Prachi Gupta

Responsible, Quality Assurance

Bükra Kalaycı

Responsible, Standard Development and Implementation (Ecology)

Akash Patel

Quality Assurance Assistant

Raman Sahu

Quality Assurance Assistant

Jeffrey Thimm

Organic Production Specialist

Education and Promotion

Aleksandra Czajka

Public Procurement Specialist

Nicola Dach

Knowledge Management & Continued Education Specialist

Rebecca Gollin

Public Relations Specialist

Daphne Sophie Laut

Marketing Assistant

Holger Stripf

Head of Marketing


Madhu Bhadula

Protection Assistant

Otto Kersten

Protection Officer

Travis Wells

Protection Officer North America

IT - Digital Transformation

Sneha Bhadula

Data Specialist

Bupela Kalubi

Junior Web/App Developer

Katrin Khoza

Head of IT & Data Management

Mercy Munwai

Data Assistant

Zwivhuya Ramanenzhe

IT Office Support

Mark Sebastian

Project Manager Central Database System

Siyasanga Tshongweni

Data Assistant

Ayanda Yende

Data Assistant

Student Assistants

Lea Göbel

Student Assistant
Knowledge Management

Lukas Joey Küstner

Student Assistant