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Label Grades

GOTS-certified products can come in different label grades. These label grades offer a tangible representation of the organic content in textile products, allowing consumers to easily identify and support truly sustainable textiles.

1. Label Grade "Organic" or "Organic in conversion" 

Products bearing the "Organic" label grade contain a minimum of 95% certified organic fibres. These fibres are sourced from organic farming practises, meeting the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility.

‘Organic in-conversion’ label grade applies when products contain a minimum of 95% organic in-conversion fibres, and the entire value chain is transitioning to full organic certification. This grade acknowledges efforts toward organic practises while encouraging progress towards full organic status.

The label grade 'organic in-conversion' is allowed in GOTS only where the production standard on which the fibre production is based permits it. The label grade 'organic in-conversion' will be visible on the GOTS Scope Certificate Products Appendix (see Scope Certificate Template). 'Organic in-conversion' ensures that the supply is meeting a growing demand for organic fibres.

Organic label grades GOTS

2. Label Grade: "Made with" or "Made with Organic-in conversion"

The "Made with Organic materials"  label grade indicates that at least 70%, up to 95% of the product's fibres are certified organic. This grade allows for a balance between organic and conventional fibres while maintaining a strong commitment to sustainability.

The ‘Made with organic in-conversion' label grade signifies that a minimum of 70% of the fibres in the product are from farms transitioning to organic certification. This label is a commitment to promoting agricultural practices on the path to full organic certification.

made with label grade GOTS

¹ Indicating the exact composition percentage of organic fibre material (X>70%) remains optional. If it is not used the label grade shall be presented as 'made with organic' or 'made with organic – in conversion materials respectively'