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How to label GOTS Goods

The completion of GOTS certification by an approved Certification Body includes the right to participate in the GOTS programme, including use of the standard and the GOTS logo on its GOTS Goods in accordance with the provisions of the GOTS Conditions for Use of GOTS Signs, as long as the certification remains valid.

This section describes the relevant labelling conditions. Anyone who intends to sell, label or represent any textile product with the trademark-registered GOTS Signs, with GOTS labelling and/or any other reference to GOTS (certification) must first ensure that they meet the respective criteria and conditions of the Global Organic Textile Standard Programme.

This user-friendly guide will walk you through the process of labelling GOTS Goods with clarity and confidence, while adhering to the relevant labelling conditions.

Certified Entities

1. The GOTS labelling may only be applied to the GOTS Goods and their packaging by a Certified Entity.

2. Essential Label Elements: Your GOTS label must include the following elements in the given order:

  • The GOTS logo
  • Reference to the applicable label grade
  • The reference to the GOTS Approved Certification Body
  • License number of the Certified Entity: typically, this is the certified entity's license number. However, a buyer who is a certified entity itself and who wishes the GOTS labelling to be applied by his supplier, may request that the labelling includes its license number.
  • Your GOTS labelling must be approved by your Certification Body in advance of its application. We have created a “Labelling Release form for GOTS Goods” which you can fill out and send to your Certification Body for approval. Please note that GOTS itself cannot grant approval.

3. Use label as approved

    Suppliers of GOTS Additives

    The GOTS organisation permits the voluntary and limited use of the GOTS logo by suppliers of GOTS Additives. The use of the logo is subject to the payment of an Additives Annual Fee and is strictly limited to off-product publicity material detailed under section 3.2 of the document “Conditions for the use of GOTS signs. Use of the GOTS logo by suppliers of GOTS additives is administered by approved certifiers through the form Labelling Release for GOTS Additives.

    Protection of the GOTS Programme

    Global Standard, under the direction of the GOTS Protection Officers, investigate unauthorised, false or misleading use of the trademark-registered GOTS logo or other claims related to GOTS certification on product declarations, in advertisements, catalogues or other contexts, and take appropriate action, such as corrective and/or legal action and/or publication of the transgression so as to safeguard the credibility of the GOTS programme and its labelling system.

    How can you make sure you are labelling correctly?

    Always make sure to apply for Label Release at your Certification Body, as Global Standard itself cannot grant approval. Please note that GOTS is a registered trademark. Consequently, any inaccurate or deceptive assertions regarding GOTS constitute infringements. In our dedicated quest to uphold the Standard's integrity and combat greenwashing, it is imperative that we undertake the necessary legal measures to protect the credibility of the GOTS quality assurance system and its identification.

    Conditions for Use of GOTS Signs

    The document “Conditions for Use of GOTS Signs (CUGS)” specifies the conditions for companies participating in the GOTS Programme and defines the corresponding fees. It also sets the requirements for the use of the registered trademark 'Global Organic Textile Standard' (GOTS Signs), to ensure its correct and consistent application on products and in advertisements, catalogues or other (online/print) publications. The latest issue of the Conditions for Use of GOTS Signs (version 3.1) was released on 18 October 2021.