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GOTS Founding Organisations

Starting in 2002, GOTS and the related quality assurance system was developed by:

In 2008 these Founding Organisations set up a legal entity under German law: "Global Standard gemeinnützige GmbH" (Global Standard non-profit limited liability company). Charged with executing the Global Organic Textile Standard programme, this legal entity conducts all activities in connection with the implementation of GOTS and its quality assurance as well as the related labelling system. It is the proprietor of the GOTS label, registered as a trademark in relevant production countries and sales markets for organic textile goods.
The Advisory Council is the decisive committee for all relevant structural and political issues related to the Global Organic Textile Standard programme.

Regional Representatives

The GOTS organisation has appointed several representatives who operate in a global network to promote GOTS in their respective regions and around the world. To date Regional Representatives are appointed in the major sales markets USA/Canada, Germany/Austria/Switzerland, Japan, United Kingdom and in the important production countries China, India, Bangladesh, Turkey and Africa.

Standards Committee

The GOTS organisation has installed a Standards Committee (formerly known as the Technical Committee), the members of which are appointed by the founding organisations. These experts are backed up by the respective standard committees of the founding organisations thus ensuring a broad basis for the Standards Committee decisions. In addition, the Standards Committee may co-opt further expert members. The Committee is coordinated by the GOTS' Managing Director, Rahul Bhajekar.

The Standards Committee has the following main functions / authorities:

  • Generating revisions of the standard and the related manual for implementation.
  • Developing the CUGS and supervision of labelling applications.
  • Developing the accreditation system and related qualification and quality assurance requirements for certification bodies.
  • Supervision of accredited certification bodies to ascertain their adherence to and consistent interpretation of the GOTS and the related stipulations.

Certifiers Council

The GOTS approved certificaton bodies are responsible for the implementation of the GOTS quality assurance system. In this function they use the Standard, procedures and tools of the GOTS programme on a daily basis. Drawing on the broad expertise gathered during this work is vital for the GOTS organisation in order to further develop its functioning and practical system in the market. In order to facilitate this, the GOTS organisation established the Certifiers Council in which each approved certification body is represented by a responsible expert. The Certifiers Council has an advisory function with regard to all issues related to the GOTS quality assurance system. The collaboration of all approved GOTS certification bodies in this unique forum is an important prerequisite for a consistent interpretation of the criteria and requirements of the Standard. Coordinated by GOTS Managing Director, Rahul Bhajekar, the Certifiers Council reports its proposals to the Standards Committee.