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Identify GOTS Goods

How to Identify GOTS Goods

Reference and labelling to GOTS are protected to ensure credibility and verification. Therefore, the GOTS organisation developed material and tools, that help you to find out if a product shows correct and complete labelling of GOTS Goods.

For consumers who want to be sure that a product is really GOTS certified and labelled correctly see the Security Advice for Retailers and Consumers. The ads are offered as 'Free-ads' for magazines and newspapers that have free space and want to support GOTS.

Anyone who intends to sell, label or represent any textile product with the trademark-registered GOTS logo, with GOTS labelling and/or any other reference to GOTS (certification) must first ensure that they meet the respective criteria and licensing conditions of the Global Organic Textile Standard Programme. 


GOTS label for organic products
GOTS label for products made with organic fibres

Find GOTS Goods

Find retail shops selling GOTS products in the GOTS Shop-Finder

GOTS Shop-Finder

In the Certified Suppliers Database users can search for suppliers of GOTS certified products (GOTS certified entities) along the entire textile supply chain, their location, fields of operation and GOTS certified products, according to individual parameters.
Not all products manufactured or sold by a GOTS certified entity may be GOTS certified. Identify GOTS Goods to check whether the products show the required correct and complete labelling.

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