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Göttin des Glücks first to publish a Common Good Balance Sheet

Última actualización: Martes, 23 Mayo 2017 22:54


Recently the GOTS certified Austrian Company Göttin des Glücks published their second Common Goods Balance Sheet. Based on their own information, they were the first global company to introduce this type of analysis in 2012. The idea of the economy for the common good depends on an alternative economic system built on values that promote the needs of the whole population. The aim is to provide a tool for economic, political and social change. Based on 20 guiding principles the evaluation of the management success of businesses applies values oriented around promoting the common good. Since the launch of this initiative in October 2010 more than 300 companies have created Common Good Balance Sheets. Lisa Muhr, shareholder of Göttin des Glücks says: "It was really tough work to create this balance sheet. It not only discloses the achievements but also reflects the overall corporate sustainability of the company. The Common Goods Balance Sheet requires detailed information about corporate values like human dignity, ecological and social responsibility, transparency. It is looked at suppliers, capital providers, employees, shareholders, clients, products and the social environment in which the company operates. http://www.gemeinwohl-oekonomie.org/en