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Case Study

Company Snapshot

Location: Headquartered at 16925 Park Cir Dr, Chagrin Falls, OH 44023 with 20+ organic mattress galleries from coast to coast
Years in operation: 20 (founded in 2003)
Year you received GOTS certification: 2009
Number of employees: 100+
Types of products you make: GOTS certified organic mattresses and bedding for babies, kids, adults and pets
Units produced monthly: More than 10,000 GOTS-certified items produced monthly
Where can consumers find your products: Online at , as well as through our many retail partners and affiliates

How it all began...

In 2003, Board Certified Environmental Engineer Barry A. Cik set out to find a crib mattress for his first grandchild. To his surprise, he couldn't find a single option that met his standards: made without questionable chemicals, harmful waterproofing agents, potential allergens, and hazardous flame retardants. Determined to provide a safer sleep environment for his family and others, Barry, joined by his sons, Jeff and Jason, laid the foundation for Naturepedic, pioneering the organic mattress movement. Today the company offers certified organic sleep solutions for individuals of all ages, including babies, kids, adults, and even pets.

Pioneering Organic Sleep

Naturepedic has always been more than just a mattress company. It has dedicated itself to the pursuit of a healthier, restorative, and organic sleep. Since its founding, the company has specialised in creating handcrafted GOTS-certified organic mattresses that do not contain the harmful materials found in conventional mattresses, such as polyurethane foam, vinyl/PVC, PFAS, pesticides, GMOs, toxic VOCs, or other harmful substances. Instead, it sources and creates its products using healthier alternatives like GOTS-certified organic cotton, GOTS-approved (GOLS- or FSC®-certified) latex, FSC®-controlled wood, PLA batting derived from non-GMO sugarcane, and in-house manufactured encased coils without any glues or adhesives.

Trailblazers in Organic Mattresses

Naturepedic stands at the forefront of the organic mattress movement. It is renowned as the most certified and awarded organic mattress brand in the industry, testifying to its unwavering commitment to quality. When Naturepedic started in 2003, however, the term "organic mattress" lacked a clear definition for most people. Globally, GOTS has played a pivotal role in defining what an organic mattress truly is, differentiating it from conventional, non-organic options. Naturepedic's commitment to GOTS standards has not only legitimised the brand but has also positively influenced the mattress and bedding industry, establishing GOTS as the worldwide standard for organic mattresses.

For Naturepedic, the GOTS certification is a testament to the exceptional standard its products adhere to, setting them a cut above the rest in the market. As founder, Barry Cik says, “There is no way to trust organic claims unless those claims are validated by the GOTS certification program.”
It's more than just a badge – it's a seal of trust and quality that transcends marketing claims, providing concrete assurance to customers. With every Naturepedic mattress, one is not just investing in superior comfort but in a product with a verified higher standard of organic integrity and craftsmanship. GOTS certification narrates a story of value, trust, and uncompromised quality.

What sets Naturepedic apart is not just its products but two important guiding principles:
• It’s not organic unless it’s GOTS certified organic.
• Chemicals are guilty until proven innocent.

A Commitment to Sustainability

The company isn't just in the business of selling organic mattresses; it's comprised of dedicated environmentalists. Recently, it adopted a new kraft paper roll-packing system, ensuring that all its mattresses, comfort layers, and toppers are wrapped in fully recyclable kraft paper. This switch is a testament to the company's commitment to sustainability, keeping over 55,000 pounds of plastic out of landfills annually.

With over two decades of expertise in crafting organic mattresses and sleep accessories, Naturepedic is now poised for expansion into a broader range of organic home and lifestyle products, including duvets, throw blankets, bathrobes, towels, furniture, and more. Throughout this forward-looking journey, Naturepedic's commitment to the GOTS standard remains unwavering, defining what it means to be "organic" and providing customers with peace of mind.