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GOTS Case Study:
Hayleys Fabric

Pioneering Sustainable Textiles in Sri Lanka

Since its inception in 1992, Hayleys Fabric has emerged as a trailblazer in the textile industry, renowned for its unwavering commitment to sustainability. With GOTS certification earned in 2014, this Sri Lankan manufacturing powerhouse has become a beacon of responsible textile practices, setting a new standard for environmental stewardship, fair labour practices, and innovation.

Company Snapshot

Hayleys Fabric: Neboda, Sri Lanka
In operation: since 1992
GOTS-certified: since 2014
Employees: 3088
Output: 3 million-plus metres of fabric per month
Annual turnover: 72 Million USD

Leading the Sustainable Charge

Hayleys Fabric's path to sustainability lies at the company’s core. Sustainability and eco-friendly production, along with a commitment to innovation, form the fundamental principles that underpin every aspect of operations. From water and energy conservation to the creative transformation of waste into value-added products, Hayleys Fabric leaves no stone unturned in its quest to minimise its environmental footprint.
A testament to this commitment is Sri Lanka's largest single solar roof adorning its facility, generating 20 percent of the company's energy and reducing its carbon footprint by 15 percent. Its comprehensive textile processes span knitting, dyeing, printing, brushing, sueding, and finishing, offering a diverse portfolio of fabrics. Notably, the company has developed its own brand of fabric through its Innovation Centre, showcasing its prowess in sustainable textile solutions.

GOTS Certification: A Symbol of Dedication

For Hayleys Fabric, GOTS certification is more than a badge; it's a declaration of values. MD/CEO Rohan Goonetilleke passionately states, ‘GOTS reflects our unwavering commitment to responsible textile practices, ensuring our products meet the highest environmental and social standards’. GOTS certification has also unlocked enhanced market access, ushering in a culture of continuous improvement and innovation while showcasing adherence to regulatory standards. Like all GOTS Certified Entities, Hayleys Fabric has optimised its processes to reduce waste and increase energy efficiency, along with meeting the robust guidelines for social responsibility. GOTS certification helps Hayleys Fabric show its customers that the company takes sustainability seriously, Mr. Goonetilleke says: ‘This certification resonates with our dedication to sustainable sourcing, organic materials, and ethical production. It assures our customers that our fabrics are not only of superior quality but also crafted with utmost care for the planet and its people. GOTS certification serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication to responsible practices, fostering trust and transparency in our industry’.

But it's not just about compliance; Hayleys Fabric goes beyond. A green belt and biodiversity wetland park adjacent to the facility illustrate the company’s dedication to environmental stewardship. This sanctuary is home to nearly 300 species of flora and fauna, serving as an educational and research hub for local schools and universities. Its support for the restoration of endangered Sri Lankan forest plants and an in-house organic farm further exemplifies its commitment to the planet.

Transforming the Industry



Hayleys Fabric's GOTS certification has catalysed a transformation towards environmental stewardship, fair labour practices, and transparency across the value chain. The rigorous third-party certification process assures consumers that the strict GOTS requirements are met, empowering them to make informed choices that contribute to the growth of the global organic textile market.

Yearly audits and continuous improvement efforts drive creative problem-solving throughout the business. Notably, Hayleys Fabric has harnessed its innovation to develop sustainable products, including a mahogany dye from furniture waste and a black dye from its biomass waste.

A Future Aligned with Sustainability


GOTS certification has solidified Hayleys Fabric’s commitment to sustainability, attracted environmentally conscious clientele and reinforced the company’s strong ethos of ecological and socially responsible operations. As Head of Sustainability & Sustainable Innovations, Leonie Vaas aptly summarises, ‘This recognition has elevated our standing, drawn in environmentally conscious clientele, and emphasised our dedication to an eco-friendlier and more responsible textile sector’.

With its rich history, innovative spirit, and steadfast commitment to sustainability, Hayleys Fabric is not just a GOTS-certified company; it's a pioneering force reshaping the future of textiles for the better.