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GOTS Case Study:
Shoeller Spinning Group

Crafting Sustainability and Excellence in Yarn Production

The Schoeller Spinning Group, a global leader in yarn production with a strong focus on worsted yarn, understands that true innovation is born from collaboration. By working closely with its customers, the company creates superior solutions.

Yarn that Transcends Quality

The key to impeccable textiles in the realms of fashion, sports, and technical applications lies in the primary material - yarn. Schoeller's product strategy revolves around high-value, functional yarns. Its commitment to innovation keeps it at the forefront of industry trends.

Eco-Conscious Evolution

The shifting landscape of climate change has sparked a transformation in environmental consciousness. Consumer behaviour is evolving, placing a premium on sustainability and collections tailored to specific audiences. Schoeller acknowledges this shift and adheres to stringent ecological guidelines throughout its production and procurement processes.

Schoeller’s laboratories are hubs of continuous development and optimisation, focusing on greener processes and products. One of the company’s newest achievements, the EXP wool treatment process sets a sustainability benchmark. The chlorine-free process uses less resources than conventional processes and is carried out reliably at the company’s European manufacturing site, meaning that it is a truly holistic sustainable innovation.

Satisfaction Beyond Expectations

Schoeller prides itself on satisfying customer needs and more. Its commitment extends to providing a reliable supply service, maintaining a readily available stock, and offering a wide range of innovative yarns. It stands ready to support the realisation of ideas and the achievement of objectives.
This shared success, underpinned by sustainability and excellence, safeguards not only the future of the company but also the livelihoods it supports. Schoeller Spinning Group is weaving a tapestry of sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction, benefitting all involved.

Eco-Conscious Evolution