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GOTS Case Study:


GOTS and SNOCKS - A Synergy of Values

Family business or big player? Socks or underwear? Stylish or simple? At SNOCKS, the answer is: definitely everything! This e-commerce company started with socks on Amazon and has since made a name for itself with basic and sportswear. The most important pillars have never changed: quality, comfort, and responsibility.

Transparency and Integrity as Cornerstones

SNOCKS is aware of the challenges in the production industry and understands that every manufacturing process leaves an ecological footprint. The company does not hastily label itself as 'sustainable', but instead chooses the path of transparency and honesty. It is constantly looking for ways to reduce ecological impacts and improve working conditions along the supply chain. And SNOCKS takes its customers along on this journey.

The Alliance between SNOCKS and GOTS

Through its partnership with GOTS, SNOCKS ensures that the processing of organic cotton meets the highest ecological and social standards. SNOCKS commits to improving working conditions for everyone involved in the supply chain. And the customers are informed about it. Because SNOCKS communicates its efforts, progress, and also challenges in a transparent and easily understandable way.

SNOCKS' Objectives: ambitious and clear



-       Manufacturing timeless basics to reduce overproduction.
-       Promoting fair working conditions.
-       Using more environmentally friendly materials.
-       Committing to transparent and clear communication.

SNOCKS and GOTS work hand in hand. Not just to show how things can be done differently, but to demonstrate how they can be done better. Together, they stand for a change that goes beyond mere concepts – it's about actions and about truly embodying values like quality, comfort, and honesty.