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GOTS Case Study:

Pioneering Sustainable Fashion

Living Crafts

Since its founding in 1985, Living Crafts has been at the forefront of sustainable fashion, playing a pivotal role in shaping the industry. With a humble beginning in a garage producing organic socks, the company has evolved into one of the most prominent suppliers of environmentally friendly textiles. Living Crafts is dedicated to providing high-quality, durable, and sustainable clothing and home textiles that resonate with the values of consumers who care about their environmental impact.

Local to Global Reach

Living Crafts is based in the Bavarian town of Selbitz, where product development, administration, and warehousing take place. Its products, however, are sourced from around the world, including countries such as Lithuania, Turkey, India and Germany. In a world where fashion is often seen as disposable, Living Crafts stands out by emphasising quality and durability. The company's philosophy centres around offering high-quality clothing that endures beyond a single season.

Ecological Commitment

Living Crafts is committed to offering alternatives that customers can trust. The company prioritises sustainability through its GOTS-certified products, membership in the Fair Wear Foundation, and CO2 compensation partnerships with renowned organisations. These efforts ensure that the environmental and social aspects of the supply chain align with the company's core values.

Making Every Day Special



Living Crafts aims to make every day special for its customers. The company focuses on fashion trends that meet the demands of daily life, offering versatile designs that can be combined into various outfits. Additionally, the company's home textiles are designed to create a sense of well-being in one's living space, making customers feel good every day, whether at work, leisure, or special occasions.

Affordable Sustainability 

Living Crafts adheres to the principle of offering high-quality products at affordable prices. The company believes that sustainable clothing should be accessible for everyday wear, and this affordability plays a crucial role in driving change from the exception to the rule in the fashion industry.

GOTS Certification and Sustainability



With sustainability as the guiding principle of operations for Living Crafts, GOTS certification not only reinforces the company’s own commitment to responsible production, but it also has enhanced the credibility of Living Crafts with consumers. It reinforces the alignment of GOTS and the company's values, serving as a testament to its commitment to responsible sourcing.
During the certification process, Living Crafts encountered the challenge of formalising practices that were already ingrained in its sustainable operations. The company needed to put these practices in writing to facilitate internal and external communication. For example, it introduced a Code of Conduct that all suppliers must sign, as well as meticulously documenting various aspects of the operation.