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GOTS Case Study:
DM Drogerie Markt

Founded in 1973 by Prof. Götz W. Werner in Karlsruhe, dm-drogerie markt has evolved into Germany's most profitable drugstore chain, boasting a workforce of over 46,000 employees. With a network of 2,000+ stores across Germany, the company welcomes up to two million customers daily, offering a wide array of products. Its online shop offers over 18,000 items.

Core Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability lies at the heart of dm’s ethos, ensuring not only economic but ecological, societal, and cultural sustainability. Christoph Werner, Chairman of the dm Management Board, encapsulates the company’s vision: "Our vision at dm is to help make our world, our society, and our lives a little better through our actions." Kerstin Erbe, dm Managing Director for Product Management, adds, "Acting sustainably means, for us, acting in harmony with nature, for the benefit of each other, as well as for innovation and progress."

GOTS Certification

dm’s early adoption of GOTS-certified products made from organic cotton in their children's clothing section, resulting in 96% of ALANA children's textiles being GOTS certified today, exemplifies its commitment to sustainable practices. GOTS certification seamlessly aligns with the company's comprehensive sustainability perspective, emphasising social and ecological dimensions, reinforced by its rigorous inspection processes, solidifying its status as a reputable and sustainable standard.
Tangible Sustainability: Recycled Hangers
GOTS requirements motivated dm to adopt recycled hangers for ALANA textiles. These hangers, crafted from grass fibre plastic, operate within a circular economy model, experiencing multiple use cycles. At the end of their life, damaged hangers are entirely recycled into new ones, reinforcing the sustainability loop.

Expanding for the Future

dm’s commitment to GOTS certification extends beyond ALANA children's textiles, encompassing various product categories such as Fascino hosiery, ebelin towels, Jessa tampons, and Profissimo dishcloths, further demonstrating its dedication to sustainable and responsible practices.
dm’s unwavering sustainability commitment, epitomised by GOTS certification, shapes a narrative of eco-consciousness and social responsibility. Its expansion into diverse sustainable product offerings and the practice of a circular economy underpins the company’s role as a pioneering force in fostering a more sustainable future.