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GOTS Project:
Controlled Supply Chain Scheme (CSCS)

Unlocking Opportunities for Small-Scale Excellence in Organic Textiles
In the world of organic textiles, obtaining GOTS certification is a prestigious achievement, and one that can open the door to new business opportunities. But for small operators, the complexity and cost of this certification can be a barrier.

Empowering Small Operators 

Recognising that administrative complexities and financial burdens can impede these operators, GOTS introduced the ongoing Controlled Supply Chain Scheme (CSCS) Pilot Project in 2022. This pioneering endeavour simplifies and streamlines the certification process for groups of small-scale facilities. Under CSCS, a supply chain with a minimum of eight and a maximum of 30 small-scale facilities, each with 20 or fewer workers, can achieve GOTS certification as a single Certified Entity after a comprehensive risk assessment.


SANKEI MERIYASU, a 97-year-old Japanese artisan knitwear company with deep roots in tradition and community, recently achieved the first GOTS certification through the CSCS system. Project Coordinator Yuko Nishino praises the company’s commitment, saying, ‘SANKEI MERIYASU is a pivotal participant in the groundbreaking GOTS CSCS initiative, exemplifying pioneering dedication. This achievement resonates profoundly in Japan's textile industry, where cherished traditions, techniques, and community connections are of importance’.  

Small Group, Global Impact

Ken Miki, Executive Director at SANKEI MERIYASU, shared his pride in SANKEI MERIYASU's trailblazing accomplishment, stating, ‘As the very first group to receive GOTS CSCS certification in the world, we will continue our efforts to make products that we are proud of, and communicate to the world about the products made by this local small group in Japan’.  

Shaping the Future
As the pilot project undergoes review and evaluation, GOTS will refine and validate the CSCS requirements, with the goal of implementing it fully for all markets. GOTS remains steadfast in its commitment to expanding the organic textile market, ensuring sustainability, and creating opportunities that empower operators of all sizes to participate.