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GOTS Project:
Creating Job Opportunities in India

Promoting Inclusion and Equality

Creating Opportunities for Disadvantaged Individuals
In partnership with the UK-based charity Leonard Cheshire, GOTS has played a vital role in a transformative project aimed at fostering social inclusion and economic opportunities in the Ready Made Garment (RMG) sector in Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu, India.

Promoting Inclusion and Equality

According to the World Bank, over one billion people, approximately 15 percent of the global population, experience some form of disability. Persons with disabilities are more likely to face challenges in education, healthcare, employment, and poverty rates, especially in developing countries. Recognising the importance of social inclusion, GOTS, and Leonard Cheshire collaborated with GIZ, IVN, and Indian NGO Love and Acceptance, to undertake a project that would provide training and opportunities to ultimately integrate persons with disabilities into the RMG sector.

Breaking Barriers in the Garment Industry

The project was launched in March 2022, with the aim of reducing barriers such as inaccessible workplaces, limited training, and a lack of awareness among employers. The objectives included sensitising employers, professionals, and organisations of persons with disabilities (OPDs), adapting training institutions' curricula to ensure accessibility, and fostering collaboration between stakeholders.

Transforming Lives Through Collaboration

To achieve its goals, the project facilitated training and support for persons with disabilities. It worked closely with training institutions to adapt their curricula to provide relevant skills for the RMG sector. Consultative workshops and sessions on accessibility, workplace adaptations, safeguarding, and occupational health were conducted to educate and empower stakeholders. The project also linked with GOTS certified entities, successfully involving them in the effort.

GOTS Involvement: Paving the Way for Inclusion



GOTS was actively engaged from the project's inception, reaching out to certified entities in the Tiruppur region. The response from these entities was overwhelmingly positive, with several of them participating in the project. Their commitment and collaboration played a vital role in driving the initiative's success.

Thanks to the collective efforts of all involved, the project witnessed tremendous success. This project wasn't just about generating jobs; it was about creating opportunities, promoting inclusivity, and upholding the principles of sustainability.
Ganesh Kasekar, GOTS Representative in South Asia, shares his perspective: ‘This undertaking exemplifies the power of collaboration and the positive impact working together can have on our industry. It's a testament to the GOTS community's commitment to making a difference in people's lives and championing equality’.