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GOTS Case Study:
Original Favorites

Company Snapshot

Location: Denver
Years in operation: 8
Year you received GOTS certification: 2023
Number of employees: 6
Types of products: Wholesale T-shirts and Fleece Knitwear
Where can consumers find your products: 

Original Favorites specialises in crafting luxury wholesale blank garments tailored for various businesses seeking premium blanks for customising and decorating. The company's product line encompasses an array of high-quality blanks, including sweats, t-shirts, and knit beanies. These garments are exclusively made from the finest materials such as Supima® cotton, Cashmere Merino Wool, and organic cotton fibres.

Sustainability Initiatives

Established in 2016, Original Favorites embarked on a mission to create luxury wholesale blank garments that combine an unwavering commitment to quality with a profound dedication to environmentally sustainable and ethically sound manufacturing. The journey commenced with a meticulous evaluation of raw materials, prioritising the utilisation of the world's finest natural fibres. An essential aspect of the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship includes considering both the land and the people involved in the cultivation process. This emphasis on ethical practices and sustainability spans the entire production process, ultimately guiding every decision.

Why GOTS Certification?



GOTS certification impeccably aligns with the company's core values and its enduring commitment to responsible and sustainable practices. Certification also assures the company and its clients that the strict and rigorous requirements of the Standard have been successfully undertaken. GOTS certification and label on final products acts as a significant value addition, attracting clients due to the authenticity, transparency, and credibility it offers.

Looking Ahead

Original Favorites aims to concentrate on educating and encouraging clients to demand proof from their suppliers, emphasising the importance of responsible and sustainable practices within the industry. Its recent GOTS certification serves as a testament to the company's unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, and transparency, firmly establishing a high standard within the luxury wholesale blank garment sector.