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CTV – Certificação de Têxteis e de Vestuário

Approved Certification Body


Rua Fernando Mesquita 2785 4760-034 Vila Nova de Famalicão Portugal

Approved Scopes: 1, 2, 3
Accredited by: IPAC


Sara Oliveira

Countries of operation

Authentication method(s) for GOTS certificates

There have been cases of invalid certificates which have been faked or manipulated. Below you’ll find one or more methods to authenticate a GOTS certificate at hand. Should you not be able to obtain confirmation of the certificate’s authenticity, please inform GOTS () and the certification body about this. We’ll get back to you.

Certificate specific authentication page

If you use the QR code (or the web address) on the certificate to have it authenticated, please make sure that you are directed to the following web server.
Please scan the QR code on GOTS Scope and Transaction Certificate(s). A link to the original certificates will be provided via a protected URL. For certificates issued before 1. Sept 2022 the URL is For certificates issued on or after 1. Sept 2022 please see below URL