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Organic in Conversion Story

GOTS encourages the use of organic fibres in conversion to support the transition from conventional agriculture to organic.
Gruene Erde, about their experience with organic in conversion and using the GOTS label grade 'organic in conversion'.

How did you become aware of organic in conversion?
We design everything ourselves and have the designs manufactured in Turkey, Portugal and Latin America. We work closely with our suppliers when it comes to choosing our high-quality materials. That´s how we became aware of the possibility to use ‘organic in conversion’ fibres as alternative to organic fibres, whereby we also support the transition from ‘conventional’ to organic agriculture. 

Why do you support organic in conversion?
Organic farming is very close to our heart and using organic fibres is a minimum requirement for our products. It is therefore also a vision of ours, to support more and more farmers in their transition to organic farming, to set out the path for a sustainable future. By using ‘organic in conversion’ fibres we can support farmers along their journey to organic. It also increases the range of our GOTS certified products. Our annual residue tests assure that our consumers no longer run the risk to get in contact with pesticides from times before we used organic materials.

 More information about organic fibre requirements in GOTS.

GOTS labelling image organic in conversion